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 Hello, and thank you for visiting CutThroatRobotics!

CutThroatRobotics, LLC is a Silicon Valley based Automation and Design Services Company founded by Mr. Ken Miller in 2012.  Ken has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and his 40 years of systems design and product development experience has manifested itself in many successful projects and over 15 issued patents in the US with many more pending.

The Company provides cost effective solutions for precision mechanisms, general automation, robotics, material handling and process automation in various industries.  The company's objective is to design with simplicity, reliability, and long term maintainability foremost in mind.

Our low cost is achieved by one simple factor - ZERO OVERHEAD!  We work with a team of expert consultants who tele-commute from home using their own equipment and software - so we have no employees, no infrastructure, no facilities - nothing to burden the bottom line.

This website is intended to showcase our current projects and capabilities as well as our prior accomplishments - enjoy!

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