Product Creation and Development

Air Hybrid

Invented Air Hybrid Internal Combustion Engine, Variable Compression Internal Combustion Engine and Variable Fuel Internal Combustion Engines.  Available for license.

Electronic Intake and Exhaust valves (no mechanical valves, cams or timing) are the enabling technology for:

1.  Air Compression, storage and re-use in a modified Internal Combustion Engine (Air Hybrid).

2.  Variable Compression in a modified Internal Combustion Engine.

3.  In conjunction with Electronic Pressure Sensors (to detect ignition) and Direct Injection enable Variable Fuels (any gas or liquid that burns) to be used in a modified Internal Combustion Engine.



APRIL 19, 2005


  1. AIR COMPRESSOR – Inflate rafts, kayaks, tubes, pool toys, etc.
  2. VACUUM PUMP – Deflate rafts, kayaks, tubes, pool toys, etc.
  3. AIR COMPRESSOR – Operate pneumatic construction tools such as nail guns, paint sprayers, jack hammers, drills, sand blaster, etc.
  4. AIR COMPRESSOR – Operate pneumatic auto repair tools such as impact wrenches, drills, grinders, jacks, etc.
  5. AIR COMPRESSOR – Inflate tires,  “jump start” other engines.
  6. VACUUM PUMP – Use for hobbies, experiments, built-in house vacuum cleaning systems.
  7. FIRE ENGINE – Use vacuum to suck water, tank to hold, compressor to spray.


  1. AUTOMATIC TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM – Replace electric air pump.
  2. HIGH PRESSURE WINDSHIELD WASHER – Replace electric motor and pump.
  3. POWER BOOST – Replace current turbo chargers
  4. REGENERATIVE BRAKING – Convert kinetic energy from deceleration to compressed air potential energy to accelerate (all mechanical energy – no electrical conversion loss).
  5. AIR MOTORS – Replace nearly all electric motors for windshield wipers, adjustable seats, windows, fans, etc.
  6. ADJUSTABLE SEAT CUSIONS – Use pneumatics.
  7. ENGINE REVERSE – Replace reverse gear in transmission.
  8. AIR BRAKES – Replace hydraulic systems.
  9. AIR SUSPENSION – For a very smooth ride
  10. TIRE BLOW-OUT CONTROL – Fill blown-out tire with huge volumes of air.
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