Product Creation and Development

Kubik Enterprises

Start-Up that created the world’s first CD Changer (two patents):

Kubik Enterprises sells a 240-disc unit with a horizontal carousel design. Kubik's jukebox carved a place in the market through its use in submarines and other military vessels. Another large user was University Microfilm Inc. (UMI, Ann Arbor, MI), which has installed about 2,000 units in public libraries. Thus, although Kubik has not been highly visible compared to other firms, it has a well-entrenched product. Commercial clients include Coca Cola, Greyhound and, recently, Kia Information Systems, a Korean firm. The price for a unit configured with one writer and three readers is $12,000.

Partner had an offer to sell for $10M, but screwed it up and proceeded to drive the company into the ground......
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