Product Creation and Development


1999 to 2002

was a start-up formed to create a 200 Disc, Dual Drive CD/CD-ROM/DVD Changer for consumer and business applications.

Technologies Employed:  DC Motors, Timing Belts, Stepper Motors, Sensors, Gearboxes, SLA Rapid Prototyping, Sheet Metal Stamping, Screw Machine and Injection Molding.

As Founder and Director:
  • Responsible for all mechanical systems and enclosures
  • Converted a crude prototype (with IP) from prototype to high- volume production in a start-up environment in 12 months (one patent disclosure).

  • Hired and managed a team of 8 Mechanical Engineers to create a production ready product with Injection Molding Tools, Sheet Metal Stamping Tools (both made in Korea) and Screw Machine parts.
  • Successfully established manufacturing in China.
  • Solved several interesting problems relating to shipping and thermal expansion issues.


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