Product Creation and Development


2005 to 2012 -

(Storage Infrastructure Division) designs and manufactures Capital Equipment for the Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Industry.  Over 50% of all HDDs in the world are produced using equipment designed and built by Xyratex.  Xyratex purchased Oliver Design in 2005.

Technologies Employed:  Servo Motors, Stepper Motors, Pneumatics (air cylinders and valves), PLCs, SCARA Robots, Mechanisms, Linear Actuators, Ball Screws, Belt Drives, Vacuum Chucks, CNC Machining, Welded Frames, Hydraulics, Lasers, Injection Molding and Sheet Metal.

As Senior Systems Engineer:

1.  MDWA:  Automated Disc Stack/Unstack and Delivery to/from Servo Writers:

a)  Spacer Selector module - concept and design
b)  Pneumatic to Servo conversion on Stack Delivery System - design

2.  Titan:  Automated Disc Inspection System for glass or aluminum substrates:

3.  Optimus 3500:  Automated Disc Drive Test System for finished drives:
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